Monday, December 29, 2008

Notable Deaths Of 2008

With our nations long nightmare nearly over and a president promising hope and change about to be sworn in, I hate to bring anyone down by talking about death. However, several notable people died in 2008, and I feel it is only proper to recognize them one last time. Here they are, listed by the month in which they left us. In one way or another, these people left a mark on the world. May they all rest in peace.

Margaret Truman Daniels (83) - mystery writer and daughter of President Truman.
Bobby Fischer (64) - world chess champion in 1972.
Milton Wolff (92) - a commander of anti-fascist American forces in Spanish Civil War.
Bernie Boston (74) - took the photo of hippie putting flower in soldier's gun barrel.
Edmund Hillary (88) - first to climb Mt. Everest.
Heath Ledger (28) - actor.

Buddy Miles (60) - acclaimed drummer.
William F. Buckley (82) - conservative pundit and founder of National Review.
Roy Scheider (75) - actor.

Arthur C. Clarke (90) - acclaimed science-fiction writer.
Jules Dassin (96) - blacklisted film-maker who did "The Naked City".
Paul Scofield (86) - actor.
Richard Widmark (93) - actor.

Cedella Booker (81) - mother of Bob Marley.
Charlton Heston (84) - actor.

Irvine Robbins (90) - co-founder of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream.
Sydney Pollack (73) - actor and director.
Robert Rauschenberg (82) - painter and sculptor.
Zelma Henderson (88) - plaintiff in Brown vs. Board of Education.
Dick Martin (86) - comedian.
Harvey Korman (81) - comedian.

Tim Russert (58) - journalist.
Bo Diddley (79) - legendary rock and blues guitarist.
George Carlin (71) - counter-culture comedian.

Larry Harmon (83) - Bozo the Clown.

Isaac Hayes (65) - R&B and Soul musician.
Bernie Mac (50) - comedian.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn (89) - Nobel Prize-winning author.

Jerry Reed (71) - country singer.
Barefoot Sanders (83) - U.S. District Court Judge.
Anita Page (98) - actress who starred in first "talking picture".
Paul Newman (83) - actor.

Tony Hillerman (83) - mystery writer
Gerard Damiano (80) - director of "Deep Throat".

Miriam Makeba (76) - acclaimed South African singer.
Mitch Mitchell (61) - drummer for Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Studs Terkel (96) - acclaimed Chicago writer.
Michael Crichton (66) - novelist.

Odetta Holmes (77) - folk singer and voice of civil rights movement.
Eartha Kitt (81) - singer, dancer, actress.
Harold Pinter (78) - Nobel Prize-winning playwright.
Delaney Bramlett (69) - rock guitarist.

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