Thursday, March 10, 2016

Obama's Approval Up -- Congressional Approval Is Not

Republicans like to brag about the president's job approval rating being upside-down. Well, that is ending. Four new polls have been done on the President's job approval rating -- and only one shows more disapproval than approval (by only 4 points).

The other three show the opposite -- one by 3 points, one by 8 points, and the other by 6 points. It seems that the President's job approval is improving. The same can't be said of Congress. Only one recent poll has questioned voters on Congress -- and it shows a disapproval of 84% and approval of only 13%. That's abysmal, and it has been that way for many months now.

Polls on presidential job approval:

NBC News / Wall Street Journal Poll (March 3-6) 1200 registered voters

ABC News / Washington Post Poll (March 3-6) 1000 adults

Gallup Poll (March 6-8) 1500 adults

Rasmussen Poll (March 6-8) 1500 likely voters

Poll on congressional job approval:

Gallup Poll (March 2-6) 1019 adults

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