Thursday, March 10, 2016

Plurality Of Texans Favor Immigrant Path To Citizenship

Texas, a very red state,  has a long border with Mexico, and it has a large (and growing) Hispanic population. Some might think that most Texans would agree with the prevailing GOP opinion about undocumented immigrants -- but that would be wrong.

The truth is that a plurality of Texas citizens favor giving undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship. It's a slim plurality margin (barely exceeding the margin of error), but I believe it is real. Texas has a long history of Hispanic heritage, with Spanish being spoken here hundreds of years before English, and Hispanics have played an important part in our history. We have long lived with our Hispanic brothers and sisters, both citizens and immigrants, and we know they contribute a lot to our economy and general well-being.

The chart above reflects the results of a recent KHOU / SurveyUSA Poll, done around the first of March of 1,750 Texas adults, with a 2.6 point margin of error.

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