Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Demographics Of Political Party Affiliation

All of these charts were made from information in a newly released survey from the Pew Research Center. The top chart shows the party affiliation of registered voters. Those leaning toward a party were included in that party's numbers. Currently, Democrats outnumber Republicans by 48% to 44% among all registered voters.

That's good for Democrats, but only if they can get their voters to the polls. The Republicans are energized just because they haven't won the White House in the last two elections (although Trump being the nominee may keep a few of them at home). The Democrats can do very well in the coming election -- if they vote in large numbers.

The bottom charts show the future can also be very bright for Democrats. Note that the percentage of registered voters is getting less white with each election. It is also getting more educated and less religious. And the percentage of older voters is growing in the GOP, as younger voters trend much more toward Democrats -- meaning the GOP will lose voters that will be replaced by mainly Democratic voters. All of these trends shown in the charts below are advantageous for Democrats.

The most recent numbers for the Pew survey were done by surveying 8,113 voters between January and August of 2016. The margin of error is 1.2 points.

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