Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Election's Importance

Picture is from Seeds of Doubt site. I thought it neatly summed up the importance of the November election.


  1. Uh Oh! That's a good way to put it.

    I just got the mailer from John Edwards yesterday warning that if the Republicans have 49 senators, as is possible, they're already posed to block moves by a Democratic president. It did make me wonder a bit how that might be different from our Democratic legislatures, but they did pass impeachment to the judiciary committee. Oh, and Pelosi just got worried she might lose her seat and called Bush a total failure.

    I guess her help didn't work? Better late than never.

  2. Scalia is awesome. He was able to read the 2nd Amendment correctly in Heller v DC and truly has the proper understanding of the Constitution as it is really written.

    Clarence Thomas is a great Justice as well, and his fine autobiography is worth reading by anyone from any side of political fence.

    Calling these fine Justices, like "umpire" Chief Justice Roberts "fascism" shows loopy extremism.

  3. FT-
    I have never tried to hide the fact that I am left of center. Will you admit your "loopy extremism" to the right? (By the way, I agree with the Court's decision on the Second Amendment).

  4. The Judge's role should be as an 'umpire' who decides based on what the law and Constitution says. Chief Justice Roberts understands this very well. So well he used the metaphor in his nomination hearings.

    The fact that you agreed with Heller v DC, which unfortunately had the court liberals disagreeing even though it should have been 9-0 slam dunk, since it is in the plain text of the constitution.

    It is loopy IMHO to call such people 'fascists'. Since I am not an extremist, believe like 70% of Americans with the above concept of how judges should rule, and don't resort to such puerile and phony name-calling of calling good judges 'fascist' and reserve 'fascist' for real ones like Mussolini, I dont believe the 'loopy extremist' applies to me. BTW, if you were to say "I dont like Scalia's rulings" but didnt call him a fascist, I wouldnt call you 'loopy' at all. Its the over-the-top false label that I object to.

  5. 70% agree with you? I don't believe that for a second, but I guess we'll find out in November.


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