Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another "Senior Moment" ?

I admit it. John McCain is starting to worry me now, and I'm not talking about his political beliefs (although those are bad enough). No, I'm starting to worry about his mental health.

McCain has pulled a number of gaffes in this campaign, such as not knowing the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, accusing Iran of supporting al-Queda (even after being corrected by Lieberman), and not knowing that Czechloslovakia has not been a country for 15 years among other things.

Until now, his staff has affectionately passed these off as just being "senior moments". I don't like that phrase since I'm fast approaching seniorhood myself (turn 62 in 10 days). My mother, bless her soul, is in her mid-eighties. Neither of us has as many "senior moments" as John McCain seems to have.

But his latest major gaffe may be the worst one yet. In an interview with a Spanish journalist, McCain seemed to not know who the Prime Minister of Spain was, and refused to say he would meet with him. Even after the journalist twice told him they were talking about Spain and even mentioned Europe, McCain seemed confused and kept referring to him as though he was a Latin American dictator.

Even his staff realizes this gaffe can't be passed off as a "senior moment", so they are trying to say that he meant to snub the Spanish Prime Minister. But that makes no sense. Spain is not only a European democracy, they are our NATO ally and even have 800 of their troops in Afghanistan fighting beside our own troops. Surely he's not trying to turn this ally into an enemy!

No, I think he was just as confused as he sounded like he was, and that's what has me worried. The world is a dangerous place and our economy is being destroyed. We need a president whose faculties are sharp and intact. When a crises of any kind happens, we cannot afford for him to be confused or have another "senior moment".

Will McCain really be in chaege and making the decisions if he is elected? Or will he merely be the smiling puppet waving to the crowd, while his unelected staff has to make the real decisions? Is he experiencing the early stages of dementia? The American public has a right to know. Maybe this is why only selected reporters were given a very short period of time to review the thousands of pages of his medical records.

Maybe it is time for him to release those records. Either that, or submit to a mental health exam. It's reaching the point where it can't be laughed off anymore.

At any rate, it should make the first debate interesting (and crucial) viewing. Will he be sharp or will he look confused? Will he be able to think on his feet, or will he be reduced to the rote reciting of campaign lies and talking points?

I hope the American people tune in and pay close attention. It's very important.


  1. JA! Happy birthday, you old coot!

    I have a birthday coming in a couple of months. I plan to spend it totally in me cups and talking to a bottle of scotch. Getting old sucks large hairy goat appendages.

    This week I had an asthma attack AND a hotflash at the same time. I didn't know whether to grab my breather or a chocolate bar...or head TO the bar. heh.

    Hey! Do you still have all your hair or did it move to parts of your body that never used to have hair?

    About McCain: is alarming that his mental acuity keeps failing the test of public scrutiny. The problem is...this country hasn't usually been that big on mental abilities as the test of who should lead us.

    McCain the draft...invade Spain...problem solved. Nasty Spanish South American Commies!

    It'd be funny if it wasn't so fear inspiring.


  2. Thanks for the birthday greetings, MM. Getting old is a pain-in-the-ass, but I guess it's better than the alternative. And I will be finding my way to the bar on the 30th.


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