Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Moffat For District 98 Seat

Texas House District 98 (between Dallas and Fort Worth) is shaping up to be a very interesting race. It features the ethically-challenged incumbent Republican Vickie Truitt against new Democrat Nancy Moffat. Moffat used to hold the seat until Truitt took it from her a few years ago. Now it looks like Moffat stands a very good chance of retaking the seat.

Nancy Moffat switched from Republican to Democrat around the end of last year, because she just couldn't stand to see what the Republicans were doing to our state. She doesn't call herself a liberal, but her moderate views would be a wonderful change from the right-wing insanity of Truitt.

Moffat says, " I may not be liberal, but I will fight for more funding for k-12; higher tenured teacher salaries while keeping the higher starting teacher salaries; totally oppose vouchers-vouchers will bankrupt our public education system; protect our environment with strict clean air and clean water legislation; require the state to invest in renewable energy sources; rein in higher education costs; rein in electricity rates and get rid of Dictator Craddick."

That sounds like an agenda anyone could support. Another good thing is that Moffat has already served four terms in the Texas House, and when elected, she will get that seniority back. There's just no down side to electing Moffat.

I urge you voters in District 98 to support Nancy Moffat. Talk to your family and your neighbors, and if you can, make some phone calls or put out some signs. Her headquarters is at 1414 Whispering Dell in Southlake, and the phone number is 817-481-8226.

Wouldn't it be great to have a representative you can trust in District 98?

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