Sunday, March 19, 2006

New Cowboy

What in the hell is Jerry Jones doing? Yesterday, Jerry held a press conference and introduced Terrell Owens as the Dallas Cowboys new wide receiver. Yes, this is the same Terrell Owens that all true Cowboy fans hate. This is the same Terrell Owens that disrespected the Cowboys and their fans by dancing on the midfield star. This is the same Terrell Owens that proved to be a cancer in the locker room of two other NFL teams. Does Jerry know what he is doing?

I must admit at this point that I am a fan of Jerry's. He's never been afraid to spend money or to step out on a limb if he thought it would make the Cowboys better. I know that he is just trying to make the Cowboys a better team, but I feel he's really stepped out on a long and rather weak limb this time.

However, there is a possible upside here. Terrell Owens is a great wide receiver. In fact, he may well be the best wide receiver in the league. If Jerry can keep Terrell happy off the field, this could turn out to be a brilliant move. Theoretically, this is a better team than last year. Will it all work out for the best? I honestly don't know. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and trust Jerry one more time.

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  1. The real question is: Can TO be a team player? This is undoubtedly my biggest concern. Yes, he is a great receiver, but Super Bowls aren't won by single players, they are won by teams.

    Also, I think this is more about trusting Bill than Jerry. One of the things that makes Jerry such a great owner is that he's given Bill the reigns over the team.

    I'm skeptical and hopeful at the same time.


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