Sunday, April 30, 2006

Draft Day Two

Well, the second day of the NFL draft is here and I can hardly wait, proving again what a football nerd I am. The draft starts back up at 10:00am, and the Cowboy's picks at this time are 125, 150, 182, 189, 211, & 224. Here's hoping for the best!

11:25am - With the 125th pick [4th round], the Cowboys have selected Skyler Green, a wide receiver from Louisiana State University. He is 5' 9" tall and weighs 180 pounds. Probably a good pick, but I really expected an offensive lineman to be taken here. The offensive line is still a definite need.

12:00pm - Dallas has just made a trade to move up. They gave the Jets the 150th and 189th picks for the 138th pick. The Cowboys then used the 138th pick to get Florida State safety, Pat Watkins [6' 4" and 211 lbs]. Well, Dallas did have a need at safety. Still waiting for the "big uglies". [5th round pick]

2:00pm - Still no offensive lineman. The Cowboys used the 182nd pick to get nose tackle Montavious Stanley [6' 2" and 313 lbs] from the University of Louisville. This was a 6th round pick. The Cowboys now have two seventh round picks left.

3:20pm - With the 211th pick, the Cowboys take their first offensive lineman. He is Pat McQuistan, a guard/tackle from Weber State. He is 6' 5" and weighs 310 pounds, and has a twin brother who was drafted yesterday by the Raiders. Today is their birthday!

3:50pm - The 224th pick brings the Cowboys another offensive lineman. This time it is E. J. Whitley, a guard/center from Texas Tech University, who stands 6' 5" and weighs 308 pounds.

Well, the draft is over for the Cowboys this year. It looks like they got some good players and filled some of their needs. Was it a good draft? We won't know that until at least training camp. All we can do now is hope.

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