Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Thoughts On Iraq

* A few weeks ago, Georgie told us that things were improving in Iraq and he would soon start troop reductions. I hope you didn't really believe that, because today he did just the opposite. Georgie has just sent an additional 1,500 troops from Kuwait to Iraq. The reason he did this was because nearly 100 people have been killed in Iraq in the last two days. Today, 48 people were killed in Iraq. Yesterday, 51 people were killed in Iraq [including 1 American soldier and two CBS newspeople]. Doesn't sound like much progress is being made.

* Rep. Murtha has reported that it looks like American soldiers have murdered around 24 innocent civilians including many women and very young children. This will probably result in some front-line soldiers being court-martialed, but what about the higher-ups? This kind of thing doesn't happen without a serious lack of leadership. Also, who was involved in covering this up? We are just now finding out about it, but it supposedly happened about 6 months ago. If Abu Graib is the model, then expect to see only a very few people with low rank to be court-martialed. As for Rep. Murtha, he is fast earning my respect. It is refreshing to see a democrat that's not afraid to tell the truth. Maybe some of the spineless ones can look and learn.

* Many who are involved in this war don't want to admit it, but this is looking more and more like Vietnam every day. We are fighting without a clear idea of how to win. We cannot tell our friends from our enemies. We are propping up a puppet government made up only of candidates approved by us. When we crush the enemy in one area, he just pops up in another area. Our soldiers keep dying and nothing seems to be accomplished. The vast majority of the population do not want us there. All of these were true about both wars, including the seemingly endlessness of it all. Once again, we are in an unwinnable war and waiting for the President to realize it.

* Do we have any idea at all how many billions of dollars are flowing into the coffers of Halliburton in no-bid contracts in Iraq?

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