Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bless Their Greedy Little Hearts

I have never had too high an opinion of lawyers. While I have met a few good lawyers, it seems like far too many are either incompetent or just in it for the money. Well, my general opinion of lawyers has just reached a new high thanks to recent action by the American Bar Association.

The ABA has just announced the formation of a Task Force on Presidential Signing Statements. These statements are what Georgie tacks on to a law after he signs it, explaining why he doesn't have to follow the particular law. He has signed and attached to new laws well over 700 of these statements. Just another example of Georgie thinking the law does not apply to him.

The Task Force is composed of a blue-ribbon panel including members of both parties. They are going to examine whether Georgie's statements are a violation of law and maybe the Constitution. Georgie took an oath to faithfully execute the laws of this country. If he has failed to execute some of these laws, then he has violated his oath and the Constitution, and should be impeached.

Personally, I think that Georgie's lies to start the Iraq War and his warrantless spying on Americans are enough to impeach him. But it looks like many Americans will need more. Maybe this is the story that puts impeachment over the top. I hope so. Maybe the people will finally get angry enough when they find that he has put himself above the law and violated his oath.

The 10-member task force will deliver its report to the Bar Association at its convention in August. Just in time for the elections! My esteem for lawyers is growing.

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