Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Texas Rep Geren Needs To Be Replaced

This is a message to the voters in Texas House District 99. Please replace your current representative, Charlie Geren, with someone who'll vote for the best interests of the citizens of Texas. Seriously, Geren is just a toady for the business and corporate interests, and will choose to enrich his corporate buddies at the expense of all Texans.

For instance, take conservation issues. You would think that all Texans support clean water and clean air. Well, Geren doesn't. According to the Texas League of Conservation Voters, there were 13 times in the 2005 session of the legislature that House members were asked to vote on clean water, clean air, and other enviornmental issues. Geren voted against the citizen's welfare on every one of these issues. He actually voted against clean water and clean air. Vote against this fool. Let him know that it's more important for our children to have clean air and water, than for his buddies to squeeze out a few extra dollars.

Geren won his district pretty handily two years ago. Can he be beat? I believe he can. District 99 is the northwest section of Tarrant County. It has suburban cities like White Settlement, Azle, Lake Worth, Haslet, and River Oaks, but it also includes a large part of the northside of Fort Worth. In many polls, citizens nationwide say they would prefer the Democrats to the Republicans. If this thinking translates into a lower Republican vote in the suburbs, and if the Democratic northside of Fort Worth turns out in large numbers, then Geren can be beaten. It will not be easy, but it can be done.

Geren's opponent in District 99 is Democrat Sheila Ford. Sheila is originally from Foard County in Texas and she received her law degree from the University of Houston in 1998. She has worked as a prosecutor and in private practice. She moved back to the Fort Worth area about four years ago with her husband and her son. In this campaign, her main interests are education, affordable healthcare, getting rid of political corruption, and a fair tax system for all Texans. If you don't know Sheila, please go to one of her events and meet her. You'll be very impressed.

There it is District 99. You have a great candidate and a chance to get rid of Geren. Electing Sheila Ford can be your gift to the rest of Texas. It would certainly be appreciated.

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