Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Van Os Will Protect Texas From Corporate Greed

The recent news of Ken Lay's conviction and subsequent death has got me thinking. How can consumers protect themselves from the big oil companies [and other price-gouging corporations]? Since the republicans came to power, they have shaped all of their programs to benefit the large corporations, at the expense of the American taxpayer. A good example of this is how the republicans came up with their last energy bill. Cheney met with several energy company executives and lobbyists behind closed doors to write the bill. The public was not only not allowed in the room, they are not even allowed to know what went on in that room. Is this fair, since energy policy affects all Americans?

Since the republicans are sacrificing the American public on the altar of corporate greed, it is clear that someone else will have to protect the people's interests. Fortunately there is such a person, and he's running for public office right here in Texas. His name is David Van Os, and he is running for Texas Attorney General. The Bay Area Houston blog showed us yesterday the new billboards that Van Os is putting up. The billboard warns the big oil companies that Van Os is coming after them. I hope he puts these great billboards all over the state.

This is not just talk with Van Os. Meet him and talk with him a few minutes, and it becomes obvious that he is very serious about protecting Texans from corporate greed and malfeasance. You'll also see that this man is NOT one of those wussy Democrats we see all too often these days. This man is a fighter! If you, like me, have been waiting for a Democrat with a backbone, then your wait is over. David Van Os is not afraid to stand up for the people of Texas.

Don't vote for the corporations this November. Vote for the people. Vote David Van Os.

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