Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Average Wage Dropping In DFW Metroplex

I'm disappointed in the Dallas Morning News today. They publish an article with some sobering figures on how wages are suffering in the north Texas area, and then seem to swallow the government's ridiculous excuse hook, line, and sinker. These are the figures in question:

1999 median household income.....$47,418
1999 adjusted for inflation.....$55,545
2005 median household income.....$49,740

The government would have us believe that the reason wages are falling in the area, is because of the influx of illegal aliens into the area. Personally, I think that is just racist crap designed to get some Republican votes by scaring workers. Just look at the numbers. If it was due to an influx of new workers [whether legal or illegal], there should be a drop in actual dollars, but there isn't. In actual dollars, the median income has risen by over $2,300 since 1999. It is only when you adjust for inflation, that the median wage shows a drop.

It is far more probable that the stagnation of wages and the inflation pushing it even further down, are results of the last few years of Republican economic policies. These policies have rewarded they super-rich, while punishing workers and the middle-class. Instead of owning up to ruining our economy, the Republicans are trying to blame illegal aliens for their own incompetence.

I expected the Republicans to lie to cover their own economic crimes, but the Morning News should do a better job of finding the real reasons for wages falling, and not just accept the rascist scare-mongering of the Republicans as fact.

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