Friday, August 25, 2006

Lieberman Still A Democrat ?

After he announced he would be running for senate as an independent, a group of Connecticut Democrats asked the state party to revoke Lieberman's membership in the state Democratic Party. Connecticut state law allows someone to be thrown out of the party if they run on the ticket of another party. These Democrats say that the independent "Connecticut for Lieberman" organization constitutes a new party, since it is running a candidate against the Democratic Party candidate.

Registrar Sharon Ferrucci disagreed, and refused to remove Lieberman from Democratic membership rolls. She said the authority to remove a member "should be rarely and cautiously exercised. The Democratic Party is founded upon principles of inclusion and diversity of opinion and the diversity of debate. I do not intend to summon anyone enrolled in my party to defend the good faith and bona fide nature of their affiliation with the Democratic Party."

With respect, I have to disagree. The people of Connecticut have put up with Lieberman voting Republican for far too long. The minute he declared his independent candidacy, he ceased to be a Democrat. Democrats do NOT run against other Democrats in the general election. Connecticut law allows for his removal, and he should be removed.

I would even go further. If by some miracle Lieberman is elected, he should not be allowed back into the Democratic Congressional Caucus. Since he votes like a Republican, let him sit on their side of the aisle.

Lieberman is just a pathetic loser who can't accept the will of the people. He is not a Democrat.

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