Monday, August 28, 2006

Mexican Court Says No Fraud In Election

The right-wing candidate just got a little closer to becoming Mexico's next president. The highest electoral court in Mexico has thrown out allegations of widespread fraud. They did this even though they had thrown out the votes of dozens of polling stations because of irregularities. Judge Jose Luna said, "Based on the annulments that were deemed neccessary, all the parties lost a considerable amount of votes but that did not affect the results."

So, even though votes of dozens of polling places were thrown out, and all parties lost a considerable amount of votes, no fraud was detected. Is this really believable? Remember, they only recounted 9% of the total vote. If they had to annul results at many stations in the 9%, how many polling stations outside that 9% were seriously flawed? It looks to me like the court did a good job of covering-up the fraud they were supposed to expose.

When President Fox was elected a few years ago, I'd hoped that Mexico had finally morphed into a real multi-party system. Now I believe they have just traded one party that used fraud to retain power, for another that does the very same thing. A full recount should have been done. The fact that a recount was not done, lends credence to the fraud charges.

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