Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mexico To Teach Sex Education In Its Schools

This year, Mexico added sex to its school curriculum. This is not the American "abstinence only" program which has been proven not to be effective. This is the real thing. This is part of Mexico's effort to reduce sexually transmitted diseases and lower the incidence of teen pregnancy. Currently, one of every five children is born to a teen mother.

The new biology textbooks discuss sex in a more honest and open way. Masturbation and homosexuality are even discussed. The book says both are normal, and nothing to be ashamed of. Of course, this has upset the Catholic Church, and other conservative groups in Mexico. They say the new book encourages promiscuity and "abnormal" sexual activities. Mexico's largest parent's association disagrees. Its president, Jose Luis Perez, says, "It is scientifically proved that information does not lead to promiscuity. On the contrary, it helps protect our youths, particularly at such a vulnerable age."

Mexico has decided to go with common sense and rational thought in it's schools, instead of religious orthodoxy. I applaud their action. I just wish we had this much common sense on this side of the border. While the Mexican students will be taught about sex, many of our own schools continue to lie about it. It's almost as if they believe their children won't discover sex, if no one talks about it. But children are not stupid. If it's not taught in the schools, then it'll be learned on the streets. It's time for American adults to grow up. Our children are capable of handling the truth. Let's give it to them.

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