Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Perry Trying To Sell Off Tarrant County Park Land

Back in 1980, the state of Texas paid nearly $4 million for 400 acres of undeveloped land around Eagle Mountain Lake in northern Tarrant County. The state planned to make improvements and add it to the state park system. However, at the time the budget was very tight, so money was not budgeted for the improvements.

When the Republicans took over Texas full-time, they began slashing the parks budget, and the improvements needed at the Tarrant County property again had to take a back seat. The land remained undeveloped, and soon began to catch the eye of residential developers. That's when things started to happen. In 2005, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson designated the land as "unused" and recommended the state of Texas sell the land.

If it were not for the incompetence and greed of the Republicans, the park would have been developed and open to the public. But since it is not, they now believe they can sell it to their rich friends. The rich get richer, and Tarrant County loses valuable park land.

Now, we learn from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram today that while Rick Perry was smiling and telling Tarrant County residents that it wasn't him who wanted to sell the park land, he was lying. All the time this controversy has been going on, his office has been working behind the scenes to get the land scheduled for auction and sold as quickly as possible. Evidently Perry has become quite good at lying to Texans, while behind closed doors he sells us out.

For the life of me, I cannot understand how any Texan could even consider voting for Perry in the upcoming election, especially since he has shown us his ethical shortcomings time and time again.

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