Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dallas Has Highest Crime Rate For Large Cities

Just more great news for the Metroplex area. The FBI has released its most recent crime statistics, and among the 10 largest cities in the United States, Dallas has the highest crime rate. Not only that, but the crime rate in Dallas is significantly higher than in many other large cities, including New York. Below are listed the ten largest cities in order of their crime rate [one crime per X number of people]:

1. Dallas.........11.79
2. Phoenix..........14.10
3. San Antonio..........14.12
4. Houston..........14.17
5. Philadelphia..........17.96
6. Chicago..........21.90
7. San Deigo..........24.09
8. Los Angeles..........25.97
9. San Jose..........34.46
10. New York..........37.38

But Dallas is not alone. Houston and San Antonio are also in the top four. Most Texans would probably have picked New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia as having the highest crime rate, but all of these cities have a much lower crime rate than any of the three Texas cities. Dallas, Houston and San Antonio have rates that are over twice as high as New York. How can this be?

It might be time for the three Texas cities to send someone to New York and Los Angeles to find out why their crime rate is so much lower than ours. What are we doing wrong? What are they doing right? We need to find out. These current figures are not acceptable.


  1. What's so sad about this statistic is that there practically a church on every corner in this city! Come on Christians, let's clean up our city! Jesus Christ has a plan for us!!!!

  2. Guys, figure it out. It's no coincidence that Texas has 3 of the top crime cities. It's because TX loves guns. I live in Dallas and I can tell you that the whole billybob gun-toutin mentality is the reason why Texas leads the nation in many crime stats--highest percentage of homcides, highest percentage of residents in prison, etc. Texas is screwed up and will never change because they dont like outsides with fresh new ideas. Texas is hopeless. I will be leaving soon. Thank God.

  3. Look the Cities with less guns have more crime it rings a bell in my head. We need more people with guns and people should realize that guns don't kill people, people kill people with tools such as guns. A person that has been taught how to use and respect guns from the start is not scarred of them. Ron Paul 2008 hes the closet we can get to what we need.

  4. Its funny how one of the above people ridicule Texans and is writing about how Texans are hopeless. Just remember your forefathers and lots of my friends died for the right for you to protect yourself, hence the second amendment. And if you dont like Texas, then leave. There's nothing worse than someone who talks a lot and does nothing.

  5. brinkka2011 says: Thank you for giving these good, healthy, explanatory and even fun tips on that topic.


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