Friday, September 29, 2006

Ranting About Comments

I have enabled the "comment moderation" feature on this blog, and I feel like I need to let my regular readers know why. If you are a reader, you know that I don't mind someone disagreeing with my ideas or opinions. I will continue to allow and encourage comments that disagree with me.

However, I do not allow racist comments on this blog. In fact, I won't allow slurs about a person's race, sex, color, age, ethnicity or sexual preference. These are things a person has no control over. Yesterday, I got a right-winger who thought this was a forum for him to display his racism. He was wrong, and his comment was deleted.

As you probably know, I am a supporter of Kinky Friedman. While I do not think Kinky is a racist, I know that some of you do believe that. I don't have a problem with us discussing this. Kinky chose how he would present himself and the type of satire he would use. It is always permissible to question a person's choices.

I regularly blast Republicans, fundamentalists, etc., but only for the choices they have made for themselves [never for their race, color, sex, etc.], and I shall continue to do so. If someone wants to take me to task for being a liberal, or an atheist, or a Kinky supporter, then you have the right to do so. These are choices that I have made.

I have also been getting irritated recently about all the anonymous commenters. It is pretty gutless to go to a blog and lob bombs under the moniker "anonymous". I'm not asking anyone to identify themselves - just pick a fake name and stick with it. This helps me to know if I have one commenter or several different commenters, and helps me to differentiate between the commenters. Anonymous comments will no longer be allowed.

I hope I haven't run anyone off, or discouraged you from wanting to comment. I love having the comments, whether you agree with me or not.


  1. Regarding anonymous comments, keep in mind that some users who migrated early to Blogger Beta were unable to post in name on non-beta blogs, and vice versa, due to a glitch in Google's transitioning to the new software.

    It's been fixed now.

  2. Was this person someone else who posted something about Kinky here?

  3. ellen -

    The person made a racist joke. I didn't think it was funny.

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ANONYMOUS COMMENTS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. And neither will racist,homophobic, or misogynistic comments. I do not mind if you disagree, but make your case in a decent manner.