Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Some Random Political Items

The stories below don't really have anything to do with each other, but I found them interesting and thought you might also.

It seems that a national survey has found that less than half of Texas women are voting. I know some of you are thinking that is pretty normal in this country, but that is just not true. Only one state [Arizona] has a lower percentage of women voting than Texas, and several states have a significantly higher percentage of women voting. The League of Women Voters in Tarrant County did a survey of their own to find out why Texas women aren't voting. Of the 300 women surveyed so far:

33% said they had a lack of information about the issues
22% cited being unaware of when elections occur
21% said it was inconvenient voting locations and times
21% said they had no interest in politics

I'm not sure what to think about this, except that I wish more women did vote in this state. I think it would help progressive candidates. Listed below are the top and bottom three states regarding the percentage of women voting:

Top 3 States
1. Minnesota.....67.9%
2. North Dakota.....63.3%
3. Alaska.....60.5%

Bottom 3 States
48. Nevada.....41.8%
49. Texas.....41.7%
50. Arizona.....41.4%

Katherine Harris has won the Republican primary for senator in Florida. She will oppose Senator Bill Nelson in his bid to be reelected. Most of you will remember Harris as the Florida Secretary of State who made sure the Republicans came out ahead in the recount of the election of 2000. Her campaign may be the worst run campaign in this country. She has been accused of taking gifts from a builder, she has had at least two campaign managers quit & various other staff members. This is such a poor campaign, that even Florida and national Republicans do not support her. Jeb Bush has asked her to withdraw, and the party has said it will not help her campaign financially.

Harris winning the Republican primary pretty much assures that Nelson will be re-elected in Florida. He is currently leading her in the polls by over 30 points. From a purely entertainment point of view, this may be the most fun race of the year. I hope she is humiliated. She deserves it after her actions in 2000.

Six members of Tony Blair's Labour Party government have resigned. They, and many other party members, are upset over Blair's refusal to name the date he will be stepping down. They believe he is hurting the party by buddying up to Bush, and may well put the Tories back in power. This left-wing government showed a lot of promise until Bush and Iraq came along. Now it is struggling for survival.

Farmers Branch is now trying to quell the debate over immigration in the city. The city met last night to debate a new ordinance that would outlaw illegal immigrants in the northern Dallas County city. Both sides of the debate were represented by demonstrators, and the scene degenerated into a screaming match. Instead of debating the proposed ordinance, the city tried to defuse the issue by passing a resolution calling on the federal government to enforce immigration laws. In other words, they didn't give either side what it wanted, although both sides claimed victory after the meeting. I think the city just realized what a hornet's nest they have stirred up and were just looking for a way out. I doubt if the ordinance will come up again.

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