Wednesday, September 27, 2006

T.O. Attempted Suicide ?

This year, Dallas Cowboys football is starting to look as much like a soap opera as an athletic endeavor. First, Terrell Owens misses most of training camp with a pulled hamstring. After the furor died and he began to play, he then breaks a finger in a game, and had to have surgery on the hand. Yesterday, he told reporters that the swelling was going away, and he even caught a few passes thrown by teammates. It looked like maybe everything was going to be OK in the Cowboy's kingdom.

Today, we hear that T.O. was rushed to the hospital last night, where doctors tried to induce vomiting. The the Dallas Morning News tells us that T.O. had tried to commit suicide, and linked us to the police report. The report says that T.O. admitted taking an overdose of pain killers in an attempt to harm himself. I guess it shows that money and fame are not necessarily the keys to a happy life. T.O. is going to be OK, but I wouldn't expect him to play this coming weekend.

Of course, all this comes on top of the news a couple of days ago that the other starting wide receiver, Terry Glenn, had cut his hand and had to have stitches. For a couple of days, it looked like the Cowboys would be starting two rookies at wide receiver this weekend. Now it looks like that won't have to happen. Glenn's hand is healing, and he is back practicing with the team. Looks like he will be OK to play this weekend.

We're only three weeks into the season, and already it seems we've had a season's worth of drama. Be sure to tune in later for more drama on "As The Cowboy's World Turns".

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