Friday, October 27, 2006

Early Voting Still Showing Increases

First, I want to apologize for screwing up the numbers yesterday. The Harris County numbers had been flipped, showing a decrease instead of an increase. I also screwed up by adding cumulative totals together. I will try to do better. Here is how the increase in early voting is shaping up so far:

up 60.9%

up 22.6%

up 91.6%

up 15.8%

up 18.3%

It looks like voters in south Texas are turning out for early voting in larger numbers than voters in north Texas. Some say the rising early vote turnout is just the result of more voters becoming familiar with early voting, and doesn't represent a real rise in the total number of voters. Maybe they are right, but I think the total turnout will be higher for this election. I believe that Bush has negatively energized Democrats and Independents, and they will turn out in large numbers to show him how displeased they are.

For the actual figures, along with graphs, go to Texas Gone Kinky.

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