Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dallas Cowboys Win -- Quincy Carter Loses

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Atlanta Falcons last night 38-28, but it was not easy. The game was a real dogfight between two teams who both needed the win.

The Cowboys jumped out to a first quarter lead of 14-0, but the momentum switched to the Falcons in the second quarter. The defense didn't seem to know how to stop the Falcons in the second quarter. I think the Cowboys were lucky to go into halftime tied with the Falcons at 21-21.

Once again the Cowboys' weakness in coverage of passes by the safeties was exposed, as the Falcons burned them with several long passes last night. Roy Williams, know for his hard hitting and tackling, is not a great cover safety. On the other side, rookie Pat Watkins may someday be a good cover safety, but he is not there yet.

When the third quarter started, the Falcons scored again and it looked like their momentum would continue. But the defense of the Cowboys finally started shutting them down. They were not to score again in the game.

The fourth quarter belonged to the Cowboys, even though the game was still in doubt until they scored their final touchdown with less than 3 minutes left in the game. I hope the final two games are not as tough as this one turned out to be.

Last September 1st, I predicted the Cowboys would finish the season at 11-5. I'm usually very bad at predicting these sort of things, and after the first few games of the season, I was beginning to think I had been far too optimistic. But now they are 9-5. The final two games are against the Eagles and the Lions, and both are very winnable [and both are home games]. I may have accidently been right this time.


On a sadder note, Quincy Carter was arrested a couple of days ago on a class B charge of possessing less that 2 ounces of marijuana in Irving, Texas.

He sat in jail for 12 hours without being bailed out, even though the bond was only $500. I don't guess he has any friends left on the Cowboys -- at least none who would post a small bond for him.

Finally, newspaper columnist and radio personality Randy Galloway, who has been very critical of Carter in the past, called a bondsman and said he would be responsible for the bail. In the end, Cowboy Bail Bonds in Garland posted the $500 and waived the fee.

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  1. Q-Car seems to have always had a bit of an attitude problem. But he's also always been something of an enigma. Starting QB of the Dallas Cowboys, and yet he never quite seemed to realize where he was, or what he was supposed to do. It's like it was just beyond him, and you feel kind of bad for him to fallen so far.


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