Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This Blogger's Proud To Support Noriega

It looks like the Watts campaign is jealous of the nearly unanimous support that his opponent, Rick Noriega, is receiving from Texas blogs. Watts may have millions of dollars with which to try and buy a senate seat, but he has virtually no support among progressive Texas blogs. This led the Watts campaign to plant a story in the San Antonio Express News saying that Noriega denigrated Texas bloggers.

Of course, Noriega's words were taken out of context. I won't go into detail because other bloggers have covered this well -- among them are McBlogger, Bluedaze and Eye on Williamson.

I personally think this was a rather pathetic attempt to try and convince progressive bloggers not to support Noriega. That is the aspect I wish to address.

My decision to support Rick Noriega for senate was reached on my own. I was never contacted by the Noriega campaign or anyone else. After looking at the candidates, it was my opinion that Rick Noriega was the candidate who would best represent the people of Texas in Washington, DC.

Although I believe that Noriega's comments were taken out of context, I personally do not care what he thinks of this blog or any other. I did not give him my support because he loves blogs, and I would not withdraw support because someone says he doesn't like blogs. I really don't care whether he likes blogs or not.

I am proud to be a supporter of Rick Noriega for senate, and he will have the support of this blog as long as he remains a candidate. He has served his country honorably and ably in the military. He has also served his state honorably and ably in the legislature. He is a family man, an honest man and a man of the people.

I support Noriega with this blog and with monthly campaign donations, because I am convinced that he will make a great senator. I urge my readers to do the same.


  1. I'm right there with you. When I met Rick in Dallas, he was very complimentary of bloggers and was jacked up about a Daily Kos endorsement.

    This is just a red herring. Nobody should believe what Watts said.

  2. I'm wanting to support Noriega.

    I have 10 issues that I like to use to compare candidates and I'm trying to find where Noriega stands on most of them. Any insight you could add on these issues would be a big help:

    1. NAFTA -- ???

    2. Withdrawal from Iraq -- ???

    3. Capital Punishment -- Supports

    4. Universal Health Care -- ???

    5. Living Wage -- ???

    6. Liberal Immigration -- Supports

    7. Re-Regulation of Energy -- ???

    8. Progressive Taxation -- ???

    9. Reproductive Choice -- Supports

    10. Repeal Patriot Act -- ???

    If you could fill in any of the blanks, I'd be much obliged.

  3. Liberal immigration? Are you serious?

  4. Good point. He's clearly the best candidate regardless of his blogginess.

  5. John:

    Are you disputing that liberal immigration is a good thing or that Rick supports liberal immigration policies?

    I think enhanced immigration is good for Texas (see "A Day Without a Mexican"). I think it's equally clear that Rick shares this view. What's your beef?


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