Monday, January 21, 2008

Bush's Spiritual Advisor Endorses Democrat

The Reverand Kirbyjon Caldwell, senior pastor of Windsor Village United Methodist Church, has been a spiritual advisor to President Bush since he was governor of Texas. He introduced Bush at the Republican National Convention in 2000. He also gave the benediction at both of Bush's inaugurations.

One might think that as close to President Bush as Rev. Caldwell is, he would be supporting a Republican for president -- or at least remaining neutral. But not this year.

Rev. Caldwell has announced that he is endorsing Democrat Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential race. He says that Obama is not only electable, but "would do a wonderful job to bring people together to pursue a common vision we all have".

Caldwell says his support for Obama is his personal choice, and is not connected to his work with the church. He did say that he hopes Obama will appear in person to speak at the church though.


On a personal note, this is exactly why I have yet to make a decision on who to support now that my candidate (Bill Richardson) is out of the race.

John Edwards has some impressive progressive and populist credentials. He is saying the right things and would take our country in a direction that I would like.

While not as specific about a progressive agenda, Barack Obama seems to appeal to a broad range of people and inspires hope in the future. He might truly be the person who could unify our country behind a liberal vision.

I admire both men, and that makes it a very difficult choice.

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