Thursday, January 24, 2008

It Wasn't Alien UFOs After All

Last week, Texas made the news everywhere because some folks around Stephenville decided they had seen some UFO's. Some of these people had some outrageous descriptions of what they had seen. "It was a mile long". "It had flashing lights of different colors". "It was faster than any plane could be".

Rather than search for a rational explanation, or admit they may have witnessed an optical illusion of a perfectly natural thing, many immediately jumped to the conclusion that they were witnessing ALIEN UFOs. We even had UFO organizations coming to Texas to interview those who thought they'd seen the aliens coming.

The TV and newspapers didn't help the situation. They played up the sightings and even started running stories of past UFO sightings. Of course the name of the game for them was circulation or viewership. They'll do any story that people will watch or read, regardless of how silly it is.

Fortunately, we now have a rational explanation for the event. The Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth revealed yesterday that they had 10 F-16 fighters on a training mission in that area on the date in question. This has to be what the people saw. If there was anything else, the F-16 pilots would have seen it.

I'm sure the UFO nuts will never accept any rational explanation. A certain segment of the population will always believe the aliens visited Stephenville that night (although why an alien would want to go to Stephenville is beyond me).

But the rest of us now have a rational explanation for what was seen.


  1. I tend to believe that, for some reason, the Naval Air Station etc didn't want people to know they were conducting missions that day, either because they weren't aware of it, and some hot dogs were out screwing around, or it was some new aircraft they were trying to test on the hush (like maybe a UAV). Even so, the buzz in Stephenville and Dublin was a hoot-we took some pictures and video of the MUFON meeting last Saturday in Dublin.

  2. You really have no idea. They are being seen everywhere and I have been watching them daily since November, 2007. Not just lights but the actual craft, so unless George Bush is flying several of his "Black Craft" over our mine and stealing our resources... they are in fact alien ships. I have seen them close up and they are very real. People all over will know soon enough.

  3. Watching them daily?

    Blase, I hope you get the help you need.


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