Monday, July 28, 2008

Repubs Getting Desperate About HD 129

Things are certainly getting interesting in House District 129. There was a time when this was considered a safe district for the Republicans -- but no more. Democrat Sherrie Matula is proving to be a much more formidible candidate than the Republicans expected.

Matula has outraised her opponent in campaign funds, and currently has a few dollars more on hand than does her opponent. Her campaign workers have also hit the ground and knocked on over 5,000 doors in the district, with more being done each weekend. It's now looking like Matula has a very good chance of beating the Republican incumbent.

It looks like the Republicans think so, too. So much so that House Speaker Craddick has decided to step in and give the Republican a hand. According to Capitol Annex, Craddick has decided to give a fundraiser for Republican John Davis, and the guest of honor is someone from the Bush administration -- Karl Rove.

Yes, Craddick has reached into the gutter and invited the dirtiest Republican campaigner of all. A man who would expose our covert CIA agents, pervert the purpose of the Justice Department, ignore subpoenas from the U.S. Congress and lie to the American people.

With people like Craddick and Rove on his side, it becomes even more important to defeat John Davis in HD 129. It is time for honesty and competence in that district, and that can only be provided in this coming election by Sherrie Matula.

She's going to need more funds to match what Craddick and Rove will provide for her opponent. If you can, give her a small (or large) donation. Or volunteer to her her campaign. With your help, we can send one more ethically-challenged Republican home to stay.

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