Sunday, November 30, 2008

Religion Kills A Few Hundred More

For centuries, human beings have been killing other human beings because of religion. We seem to think whatever god we happen to believe in will approve of killing other people who do not have our particular religious views. Although most of the major religions, sects and cults claim to believe in a "god of love", their followers keep trying to please this loving god by presenting him (or her) with more and more blood.

None of this makes any sense at all, and one would expect that in the 21st century, people might gain the wisdom to see the insanity of killing others for their religious beliefs (or lack of religious beliefs). But that doesn't seem to be happening. People seem to be quite content to try and justify their beliefs by spilling blood.

This last week saw more evidence of just how far mankind has NOT come. The Plateau State in Nigeria just had an election. The state and its capitol city of Jos sit in the middle of Nigeria -- between the christian south and the muslim north. Naturally, both religions think they should control the city and the state, since each of them is in sole possession of "the truth".

The christians won this electoral round, so the muslims decided they had to demonstrate. This evolved into rioting by both sides. So far, over three hundred muslim bodies have been recovered. There has not been a death toll of christians released, but it is expected to also be in the hundreds. I'm sure both sides are proud of the fine job of killing they've done for their god.

Don't get to thinking we're any better than anyone else regarding religious prejudice and violence. There are millions in America who would love to force others to accept their beliefs, even to the point of violence. In fact, large segments of the population of nearly every country on every continent would do the same.

I'd love to say we're making progress on this, but I don't believe we are.


  1. sad but true. I've always thought we could end up with a Christian version of the Taliban here in this country very easily if not for our vigilance.

  2. There are millions in America who would love to force others to accept their beliefs, even to the point of violence. [Emphasis added]

    Name three.

  3. CT-
    I don't know what your silly challenge is supposed to prove, but why don't we start with any three members of the Christian Identity movement.

  4. "There are millions in America ..."

    There are an estimated 50,000 members of the Christian Identity movement. A troubling number to be sure, but nowhere near millions.

    "...who would love to force others to accept their beliefs, even to the point of violence."

    The Christian Identity movement is indeed violent, but the goal of that violence is not "to force others to accept their beliefs." As I understand it, their violence is directed toward people of color, certainly not to proselytize (since they believe that only whites are the chosen people), but rather to eliminate, or at least intimidate those whom they consider inferior.

    Implicit in your "millions" comment, as well as WhosPlayin's response, is the near "article of faith" among many on the Left that the vast majority (if not all) Christians in the United States are the moral equivalent of radical Islamists in the Middle East. The "Christian" Identity movement has about as much in common with classic Christianity as "fire"flies have in common with fire.

    Stalin was an atheist, as were his henchmen, and they butchered millions of their own people. Yet I wouldn't even think of painting you with the same broad brush, or any other American atheists, for that matter.

  5. I never said anything about equating Christian Identity with mainstream christianity. My post was talking about religion in general - not any particular branch of it. You are the one trying to equate the two.

    Yes, Stalin was a bad man. Again, I never said he wasn't. But he killed to hang on to power - not to make others accept his spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof).

    The fact that I believe many (even millions) would be happy to force others, even thru violence, to agree with their beliefs, does not paint you with a broad brush unless you are one of those people.

    There are 300 million people in this country. Even if millions believed as I said they did, that still leaves many millions that don't (probably from all religions and beliefs).

    I never said in the article that EVERY religious person was bad, but I still believe that many are.

  6. Why would you defend those who wish to force others to believe as they do (whether thru violence or force of law)?

  7. Why would you defend those who wish to force others to believe as they do (whether thru violence or force of law)?

    Why would you infer that I do?

    As a Baptist, having lived for a year in a country that's 98% Roman Catholic (Poland), I witnessed first hand the concern my fellow Baptists had about a proposed law introducing religious education in public schools. Three guesses whose religion would get preferential treatment under those circumstances (and the first two don't count).

    There are, however, some "religious beliefs" that are so universally accepted they must be imposed through force of law - Thou Shalt Not Steal and Thou Shalt Not Murder come to mind.

    But as Mike Huckabee recently said to Bill Maher on Huck's TV show, God doesn't force us to love Him, because forced love isn't love at all - it's rape. That drew a rather surprised look from Bill Maher!

    As a Christian, I believe that faith has to come from the heart, out of free will. I can't "make" anyone put his or her trust in Jesus Christ, though sadly, throughout the centuries many have tried.

    If you still think there are "millions" today in this country who want to force their religion on you "thru violence or force of law," then I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

  8. I have no doubt about it at all.


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