Friday, January 23, 2009

Bush - Worst President Ever ?

According to a new poll by Rasmussen Reports, 25% of Texas Republicans, 12% of Texas Independents, 3% of Texas Democrats and 6% of national voters are officially brain dead. You can go ahead and unplug the machines and take them off life-support because there is no hope for these people. That's the number of people who believe George Bush will be remembered as one of the five best presidents of all time.

Meanwhile, 7% of Texas Republicans, 47% of Texas Independents, 69% of Texas Democrats and 57% of national voters are convinced that Bush will be remembered as one of the worst 5 presidents of all time. Doesn't look like anyone will be carving his bust on Mount Rushmore with these numbers.

Those who believe he's neither the best nor the worst are 67% of Texas Republicans, 39% of Texas Independents, 24% of Texas Democrats and 34% of national voters. I think most of these people are just glad to be rid of him and don't want to think of him at all anymore.

Here are the combined Texas numbers:


Those are some pretty bad home-state numbers.

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  1. I love Texas, but some of her citizens are Buttroys.


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