Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zombies Invade Austin !

I used to think I wanted to live in Austin, but not anymore. It seems the capitol city of Texas has been invaded by an evil horde of undead Zombies! This awful truth was verified to horrified citizens last Wednesday morning.

Fortunately, a couple of unknown heroes were able to break the padlock on some highway department signs, and hack into the signs' computer to warn the unsuspecting citizens of Austin. It is believed that the warning on the signs allowed innocent motorists and others to take evasive action, and luckily, it seems that no one was hurt.

Rumor has it that the Zombie horde is led by the supremely evil undead monster called "39%" and his imbecilic sidekick "Dewie". We can only pray that the good citizens of Austin can protect themselves until the Zombies are driven from their city. Some believe it could take until 2010 to rid the city of this evil.

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