Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Blog Amnesty Day Links

Today is Blogroll Amnesty Day! According to Jon Swift, Blogroll Amnesty Day is a day when we celebrate smaller blogs by linking to a few. It's a way to sort of "spread the wealth" by linking to other liberal or progressive blogs and showcase them. For a fuller explanation, you can go to this post at Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo.
Anyway, I am proud to be a part of Blog Amnesty Day. I have linked to the following smaller or newer blogs, and I urge you to go over and give them a try. They are:

Wild Chihuahuas - this blogger hails from Arizona and is always on target with her progressive message (and she has some great dogs).

True Blue Texan - this blogger wants to do her part to turn Texas blue.

The Osterly Times - the voice of reason from London, England.

Social Seppuku - this leftist blog from Austin will celebrate one year in April.

seeing purple politics - this Houston blogger is a voice for moderate Democrats.

Lotus-Surviving a Dark Time - aging hippie political activist with an anarchist bent.

La Sanbe - a progressive voice from Laredo.

Janet Morrison's Community Dialogue - a Dallas blog seeking social justice.

Eddie Griffin (BASG) - you get brutal honesty from this Ft. Worth blogger.

David Ortez - a young Hispanic's perspective on political & social issues.

BlackAmarillo - the African-American voice of the Texas Panhandle.

And Here's My Opinion - a new Texas blog with a lot of promise.

I was supposed to pick at least five blogs to link and promote. I guess I went a little overboard, but I like these blogs and I think they all deserve more readership. Give some or all of them a try. You might find something special.


  1. Thanks for the link!

    I actually don't care for the roots of BAD (It seems to me it really got started 'cause skippy got pissed off that he was among those Atrios dropped; I sincerely wonder if he'd have made nearly as big a deal out of it if he'd made the cut.) but the way it's developed into a way to push and mutually support small blogs (Another sidebar: Are skippy and Blue Gal, both of who average well over 1000 hits a day, really "small?") is really great.

    I haven't done my part; I got tied up yesterday with real life stuff and didn't get to post, but I will later today. My only problem is that you're supposed to plug blogs with less traffic than your own and I don't know who among my list fits that description. So I expect that like you, I'm just going to be satisfied with the adjective "small" and not care if it should be, compared to me, "smaller."

    Thanks again for the support. :-)

  2. Thanks for the support ... I am honored! :-)


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