Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Fox News Legacy

Found at the great blog written by Tokin Librul called Walled-In Pond.


  1. Lee Harvey Oswald - self-described Communist; Sirhan Sirhan - anti-Zionist Palestinian; Dan White (assassin of San Francisco Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk) - Democrat.

    The track record is clear: Should anything happen to President Obama (and I pray for his safety), he's at least as likely to be attacked by someone from the Left as from the Right.

    Let's just hope no one is stupid enough to make a movie fantasizing about the President being assassinated - oh, wait - that's already been done.

  2. I wouldn't describe Sirhan Sirhan or Dan White as being leftists.

  3. So someone who supports the PLO and hates Israel isn't necessarily a Leftist. And just because someone is a registered Democrat doesn't necessarily mean that he's a Leftist. Fair enough. Then name me a Right Wing assassin who killed any elected official of the Democratic Party, much less a President.

    BTW, what do you think the movie "Death of a President," depicting the fictional assassin of President Bush (see my link above)?

  4. There have already been several racists arrested for planning to kill President Obama. The fact that they haven't succeeded doesn't mean they don't exist.

    As for the movie, I've not only not seen it but I haven't even heard of it. Because of that, I don't feel qualified to comment on it either pro or con.

  5. There have been numerous assassination attempts on U.S. Presidents, going all the way back to Andrew Jackson. There were even several attempts to assassinate George W. Bush. For the sake of our nation, I hope that none are ever successful again, regardless of the President's party affiliation or the political persuasion of the would-be assassins.

    Regarding "Death of a President," I'm surprised you haven't even heard of it. It was discussed on at least one well known left-wing blog and apparently won an award at 2006 Toronto International Film Festival. There are several places online where you can view the assassination scene, although I personally haven't bothered to.

    If you still don't feel qualified to comment on the film itself, can you at least comment on the premise of a film that depicts the assassination of a sitting President of the United States?

  6. After viewing your link, I see the film in question is a foreign film. It is a TV-movie made in Great Britain and honored in Canada. In addition, it was not necessarily meant to be a slam against Bush, but a comment on our post 9/11 world.

    This movie was not made by or praised by American leftists. Even the blog you linked to (Democratic Underground, which I seldom read) did not tout the movie as something great. It simply reported the Canadian award. So don't try to smear the American left with this movie.

    Do I think it's a good movie? I don't know since I haven't seen it. Do I think they should have used a real American president in it? No, I would have been much more comfortable if they had used a fictional president.

    Without seeing the movie, that's about all I can say.


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