Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is Obama Over-Reaching ?

Last night, President Obama gave his second State of the Union speech. Once again, I have to give him credit for a great speech. When he puts his mind to it, he is without a doubt one of America's great orators. He even had the Republicans on their feet several times.

I am glad he put a premium on job creation and health care reform, but then he went into a long litany of things he wants to accomplish in this year. And he again appealed for bipartisanship. It's almost as though he hasn't learned anything from his first year in office. Bipartisanship is dead in Washington, and the Republicans are going to oppose and try to filibuster everything he tries to do.

Instead of trying to get a huge bipartisan agenda passed, he would be better served to light a partisan fire under Congressional Democrats and try to get a few very important things passed. In the interest of performing a public service, I have pared his long list of wishes down to a few things that must be accomplished in 2010 if the Democrats want to stay in power.

Here are the top 5 things to accomplish:

1. Create new jobs and stop job exporting
2. Pass real health care reform
3. Create new jobs and stop job exporting
4. Regulate the financial industry
5. Create new jobs and stop job exporting

Just do those things and he'll have a very good year. And did I say he needs to create new jobs and stop job exporting?


  1. i agree..although he'd have to make water into wine, heal the blind and raise the dead to make the republicans sit up and pay attention.

  2. Even if he did all that, the Repubs would just label him a "false prophet" and organize another filibuster.


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