Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Marijuana Falls From Texas Sky

That's a strange headline and some of you may think it's just a headline to draw attention, but that's exactly what happened near Caddo Mills, Texas -- marijuana fell from the sky. Caddo Mills is a town of about 1200 citizens located about 35 miles northeast of Dallas, and early Monday morning several residents of the town heard a thud on their roofs.

The thud turned out to be a black nylon duffel bag full of "what appeared to be high-grade, hydroponic marijuana." The Hunt County Sheriff's Office later found a plane abandoned near the small town's Municipal Airport which appeared to be undamaged. The plane had two of the black bags of marijuana in it.

The Sheriff's Office has arrested one person they are questioning, but no charges have been filed. They said that citizens have, so far, turned in four duffel bags of marijuana. I'm just wondering how many bags were not turned in to authorities.

Some people have all the luck!

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  1. i know a bunch of people that are saying:"What? you turned it over to the cops?...wtf??"


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