Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Repub Plan - Keep Economy In The Dumper

As we edge ever closer to the November elections it has become very clear just what the Republican plan is to win that election. They want to vote no on (and hopefully block) every Democratic initiative to improve the economy and create new jobs, in the hopes that the American people will blame the Democrats for the economy.

Why are they doing this? Because they have nothing new to offer in the way of solutions themselves. All they can come up with is a return to the old policies of George Bush -- the same policies that put the economy in such a mess. But the only thing they'll say out loud is that they want to extend the tax cuts for the rich (because even the Democrats are in favor of extending those cuts for everyone else).

But it looks like the American public may be catching on to the "vote no and then blame the Democrats" election tactics. While the public is not happy with either party in Congress, they give the Democrats slightly better marks than the Republicans. Here is what the newest Pew Research Center poll shows about the public's opinion of Congress:

Offers Solutions To Important Problems

Puts Country Ahead Of Politics

Works With Opposing Party To Get Things Done

Approve Of Congressional Leaders

But while the American people are not happy at all with the members of either party in Congress (and who can blame them since Republicans and Blue-dog Democrats have so far blocked much of the real reform necessary to help ordinary citizens), there is one thing they are sure of. They do NOT want a return to the policies of George Bush. Look at these figures:

What Would Do More To Fix The Economy?
Follow policies of George Bush..........29%
Follow policies of Barack Obama..........45%
Don't Know..........8%

And it should come as no surprise that the Republican tactic of wanting to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich is just not playing well on Main Street (and why should it when they know the rich are doing great while everyone else suffers). A substantial majority of 58% would like to see the tax cuts eliminated for the rich. Here how those numbers break down:

What Should Happen To Bush Tax Cuts?
Extend all tax cuts..........30%
Repeal cuts for rich, extend the rest..........27%
Repeal all the tax cuts..........31%

Is it any wonder that Republicans would rather campaign on their obstructionism than their policies? If they had some new policies it might be different, but all they have is a replay of Bush's policies. While they were unhappy with Bush's unpopularity, they are still in love with his policies. They have yet to realize that it was those policies that made Bush so unpopular.

The American people want some answers to our current economic mess (which they still blame Bush for -- justifiably). They may not be thrilled with what Democrats have done so far on the economy, but they know a return to current Republican policies would be a disaster.

The Republicans are hoping for a resurgence in the November elections. But unless they come up with something new, I don't think it's going to happen.

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