Monday, March 07, 2011

Income Distribution In U.S.

This chart from Think Progress shows how unfair the income distribution is in the United States. Only 10% of the country actually get to live out the "American Dream", and even among that 10% only one percent controls most of the wealth and income. "Trickle-down" is obviously just a lie to keep the masses from revolting.


  1. socialist moron. if it were not for the top 10% creating all the wealth then the bottom 90% would be living under a tree.

  2. The wealth is not created by the top 10%, but by the bottom 90% through there labor. The top 10% just get rich off the labor of others and don't really produce anything of value.

  3. Congratulations, in only four sentences you have staked out the seminal difference between republican and democratic ideologies.


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