Saturday, April 30, 2011

In One Year

Some Sad Facts from the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence.


  1. "He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither", as goes the casual pro-gun excuse, because for no apparent reason, higher risk of suddenly losing your life is no threat to freedom, only alleged threat of leaving the citizen unprotected against "Big Government" is. I happen to live on the opposite bank of the Atlantic Pond, where gun culture is not a social problem, and I honestly hope it never becomes. Pity for the Americans, though.

  2. It would interesting to see data to show how many of these murders in each country, especially the U.S., were the result of citizens defending themselves.

    I suspect that would be a very low number and one that would be difficult for the NRA to defend.

  3. The majority of law abiding citizens who legally purchase firearms don't do so with the intention of murdering someone. They do so to feel safe and to protect themselves and their family from any potential harm. Making guns illegal or harder to attain takes guns out of the hands of people who wouldn't use them to cause harm on innocent people. A gun being illegal isn't going to stop a criminal from acquiring one. If they want to shoot someone, they obviously don't care about the laws against murder, so a law against guns isn't going to stop them. Cities like Washington DC and Chicago, which have some of the strictest gun laws, usually also have higher crime rates? Coincidence? I think not. A criminal would certainly be a little more cautious or weary when thinking about breaking into someone's home if they thought that person might have a gun on the other side of that door.

  4. I-Kill-Crackheads1/20/2012 8:06 AM

    What hippie, freedom-hating bullshit is this? I own 7 firearms, including an AK-47 (which scares pissy liberals), and NONE of the guns I own have ever been used in a crime! None of them have ever "killed" anyone because PEOPLE kill people, NOT guns. Otherwise, we'd put a gun on trial (illogical), rather than the human who used the tool to kill someone.

    Seriously, anyone who buys into the Brady Campaign's bullshit needs to have their fucking head examined. Seriously.

  5. IKC-
    It is true that it takes a person to pull the trigger, but that is only half the story. It is also true that most of those people killed, whether in a murder or an "accident", would not have died if guns weren't so readily available.
    Unlike many liberals, I believe in the Second Amendment. But denying the truth doesn't help your argument. It only makes you look silly.
    "People" aren't any more dangerous in America than anywhere else. They just have more access to more effective killing instruments.


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