Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ron Paul - Extremist Candidate

The Republican field of possible presidential candidates is full of extremist right-wing fringe candidates, but none are more extremist than Texas' own Ron Paul (pictured). The excellent progressive magazine Mother Jones has compiled for voter edification the 15 most extreme positions held by Rep. Paul. Here they are:

1. Eviscerate Entitlements: Believes that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are unconstitutional, and has compared the failure of federal courts to strike them down to the courts' failure to abolish slavery in the 19th century.
2. Lay Off Half His Cabinet: Wants to abolish half of all federal agencies, including the departments of Energy, Education, Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and Labor.
3. Enable State Extremism: Would let states set their own policies on abortion, gay marriage, prayer in school, and most other issues.
4. Protect Sexual Predators' Privacy: Voted against requiring operators of wi-fi networks who discover the transmission of child porn and other forms online sex predation to report it to the government.
5. Rescind the Bin Laden Raid: Instead of authorizing the Navy Seals to take him out, President Paul would have sought Pakistan's cooperation to arrest him.
6. Simplify the Census: The questions posed by the Census Bureau's annual American Community Survey, which collects demographics data such as age, race, and income, are "both ludicrous and insulting," Paul says.
7. Let the Oldest Profession Be: Paul wants to legalize prostitution at the federal level.
8. Legalize All Drugs: Including cocaine and heroin.
9. Keep Monopolies Intact: Opposes federal antitrust legislation, calling it "much more harmful than helpful." Thinks that monopolies can be controlled by protecting "the concept of the voluntary contract."
10. Lay Off Ben Bernanke: Would abolish the Federal Reserve and revert to use of currencies that are backed by hard assets such as gold.
11. Stop Policing the Environment: Believes that climate change is no big deal and the Environmental Protection Agency is unnecessary. Most environmental problems can be addressed by enforcing private-property rights. Paul also thinks that interstate issues such as air pollution are best dealt with through compacts between states.
12. Not Do Anything, but Still...: Would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964because it was a "massive violation of private property and contract, which are the bedrocks of a free society."
13. Let Markets Care for the Disabled: "The ADA should have never been passed," Paul says. The treatment of the handicapped should be determined by the free market.
14. First, Do Harm: Wants to end birthright citizenship. Believes that emergency rooms should have the right to turn away illegal immigrants.
15. Diss Mother Teresa: Voted against giving her the Congressional Gold Medal. Has argued that the medal, which costs $30,000, is too expensive.


  1. "15. Diss Mother Teresa: Voted against giving her the Congressional Gold Medal. Has argued that the medal, which costs $30,000, is too expensive."

    He instead offered a solution, Congress would pay for the medal out of there own pockets, just $100 dollars from each congressperson. They refused.

  2. Ron Paul is an anti federal government politician. It makes sense. The federal government should not be powerful, and most programs should not be run by the federal government. Because of that he has constantly fought against powerful federal policies such as and not limited to

    NDAA, SOPA and CISPA, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, the bailouts, and many other programs that hurt the American people.

    As for the gutting of social programs. They've failed us. They don't work because they're forced upon us at the federal level where they can do no good.

    Now this does not mean that Paul would prevent states from having their own programs, and indeed doing so would be against his ethos as someone who wants to see little federal interference.

  3. I used an image from your blog here:


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