Friday, June 24, 2011

GOP Still Losing Ground With Voters

Recent polls have shown that the voters are not really enamored with the Republican Party anymore. It seems that they have pegged their hopes for the next election on the wrong issues. They thought they could strike a chord with voters by making tax cuts and budget cuts their primary issues -- but this is not working out.

It seems the American people are not quite as stupid as the GOP seems to think they are. They are finally figuring out that the tax cuts the Republicans are talking about are not for ordinary Americans -- they are for the corporations and the rich. And the budget cuts are not getting rid of programs that are unnecessary -- but cutting or abolishing good working programs like Medicare and Social Security. And the people don't like what they see the Republicans doing.

The new Bloomberg National Poll (conducted of 1,000 adults between June 17th and June 20th) show movement toward Democrats and away from the Republicans. Here are the top five issues with the public (and as you can see, one far outdistances the others):

Government spending...............17%
Federal deficit...............13%
Health care...............10%

The people know that the most important issue facing America is the massive unemployment -- an issue the Republicans are ignoring. The recession will not truly be over until most Americans are back to work. And most Americans see the corporations outsourcing of jobs as the biggest impediment to job creation (78%) -- something the Republicans in Congress have voted to support.

And then there's this question on the poll. What scares you the most about the upcoming election? Here's what the voters said:

49% said the Republicans getting control of government and damaging or abolishing Medicare.
40% said  the Democrats getting control of government and resuming their spending.

Medicare is still turning out to be a really bad mistake for Republicans (who want to abolish it and throw the elderly to the mercy of private insurance companies). About 57 % in this poll said the Republican plan would be bad for them, and 55% say supporting the privatization of Medicare would make them likely to vote against a presidential candidate.

I hope the Republicans continue to do what they're doing. They are driving more people toward the Democrats every day.

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  1. Agreed. Watching the Republicans self-destruct is a fascinating way to watch how our Government is being outpaced by a quickly evolving world. The GOP is clearly behind the times as they are still promoting the same old dogma of the past: cutting taxes = more jobs. With a robust economy of the past to hide this lie the GOP was able to get away with murder. Now the lies are being exposed in the cruelest of ways.

    One can criticize Obama all they want but the truth of the matter is he is contracting the size of the government by laying off employees and private sector job growth has been robust in 2011. Sounds like the plan the GOP has been attempting to perfect for 50 years. Took Obama only two.


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