Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Honest Bumper Sticker For The GOP

If honesty was the primary requirement for a bumper sticker (rather than cute jargon), then the one above would be perfect for the Republican Party in the coming elections. Their sole effort since the election of President Obama has been to block all of his attempts to improve the economy and create jobs -- in the hope they can use the failing economy as an excuse to get votes in 2012. Found at the blog of the inimitable Juanita Jean (owner of The World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc.).


  1. How have the Republicans kept people out of jobs. Congress has been run since 2006 by Dems? How about the Dems that send jobs over seas, are they to blame? You don't get it... we've all been had by Congress in general. The sooner more people start to realize that the better. Dems, Reps, they are all screwing us over while the eat cake.

  2. Our political situation is shameful but like the world pre-World War II, our economic issues are not ours(The U.S.) alone.


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