Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Right-Wing Commenter Says Teabaggers Are Not Racists

Yesterday I refused to publish a comment from a right-wing reader of this blog (and yes, this blog does have some right-wing readers, although I don't know why -- they won't find anything they like here), because the comment was just an attempt to smear all of the Occupy Wall Street protesters with the actions of a few. He sent a second comment, which I also refused to publish, but I am posting part of it below because it needs a response:

"After years of you yourself smearing the Tea Party with spurious accusations of racism, you're now shocked, shocked to discover that someone would actually cite documented news reports from reliable outlets of illegal behavior on the part of the Occupiers. . .While we're on the topic of alleged racism in the Tea Party, did you see today's CBS News/New York Times poll regarding Tea Party Supporters and the 2012 GOP Nomination for President?. . .Thirty-two percent support for the only African-American in the race among Tea Partiers. . .Yeah, those "teabaggers" sure are racists, aren't they?"

First of all, I have never said that ALL of the teabaggers are racist. I do however believe that a large part of them are racists, and I have said that many times in the past. I still believe that.

Second, I think the signs pictured above, found at teabagger rallies around the country, proves my point more than any words could. Frankly, I have to wonder not only about the people who made and carried those signs, but also the other people who silently assented to their appearance at the rallies. They had to know the impression those signs would leave with the American public. Did they not care that they were being presented to the world as racists?

Third, does 32% support for Cain really prove that a large segment of the teabaggers are not racists? What about the other 68%?

Fourth, it's easy to say you would vote for an African-American to a pollster but another matter to actually vote that way on election day -- it's called the "Bradley effect". I don't think Cain will wind up with anywhere near 32% of the teabagger vote on primary/caucus day, in spite of the fact that he has embraced all of their ridiculous ideas.


  1. Stick to your guns Ted. You're right!

  2. this blog does have some right-wing readers, although I don't know why --

    Gee, I dunno. Engaging in the free exchange of ideas? Intellectual curiosity? (Hence the screen name.) Stretching my mind beyond the echo chamber of my own point of view? Occasionally finding common ground between the Left and Right?

    I find reading only what I agree with pretty boring. Don't you, Ted?

    I'm a little surprised that after all the years I've posted here you've suddenly started redacting my comments, even though I adhere to the letter, as well as the spirit, of your Comment Policy (posted on the right hand side of the blog).

  3. There is a lot of racism in the Tea Party (though none of us would suggest it begins or ends there.) That said, I wanted to point out that the "hope for the rope" guy is surrounded by people who have signs rejecting his message and saying they aren't with him...
    I'm a bleeding heart myself, just want to keep it real.


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