Monday, January 09, 2012

Trickle-Down Theory

This simple (but true) explanation of Republican "trickle-down" economic theory was found at the excellent blog Under the Mountain Bunker.


  1. That's an outstanding quote!

  2. Jim Hightower always described it as "feeding the birds by giving the horse more oats."

  3. The problem with this analogy is that you can only eat so much food, so despite the grotesqueness of the image, bigger meals theoretically would lead to more table scraps. There's no limit, on the other hand, to the amount of money a person can hoard...a fact our nation's wealthy seem determined to try to prove by demonstration.

  4. In order to help others you first need to help yourself.
    Problem is those that do, do not always recognise it and act on it.


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