Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Obama Gets Far Less Positive News Coverage Than Romney

The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism has been keeping track of the positive (and negative) stories about each of the presidential contenders since January. The results of their survey are shown in the charts above. Note that in every single week the mainstream media has run far more positive stories about Mitt Romney than they have run about President Obama.

Now you may say it is due to the Republican nominating race. That because there was doubt as to who would win, it naturally got a lot of coverage. That's nonsense. Obama is the president, and has been in the news a lot. It's just that most of the stories regarding him have been negative, which is strange since the economy and unemployment have both been showing slight improvement.

Frankly, I think we need to consider the possibility of corporate bias. All of the mainstream media are owned by corporate giants, and it is no secret that the corporations have cast their lot (and a ton of money) toward getting Romney into the White House. They know the president wants to make them pay their fair share of taxes, while Romney would gives them massive new tax breaks (or even eliminate corporate taxes altogether). Is this corporate bias toward Romney coloring the news coverage?

After seeing the mainstream media's biased coverage (whether corporate-driven or not) it is even more amazing that the president has a several point lead over Romney in the latest polls -- and his lead is growing in the all-important swing states. Doesn't it make you wonder how much larger the president's lead might be if the coverage had been a little more fair?

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