Saturday, June 09, 2012

Convention Kicks Off

Well, the Texas State Democratic Convention has finally kicked off. The top picture above is of downtown Houston from the site of the convention -- the George R. Brown Convention Center. Of course all of the old favorites are back again, with booths to try and convince conventioneers that their particular cause is just.

The second picture shows the booth of the Stonewall Democrats. They're here supporting equal marriage rights for everyone. They're also helping delegates keep their credentials safe by passing out lanyards and protective plastic covers.

The picture I got of the booth for Texas Moratorium was taken early in the morning, which is why it's not being manned. But they are here, fighting hard to eliminate the death penalty in Texas -- the bloodiest state in the nation.

The last picture is of the booth for the Houston Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. These are the good people who man the front lines in the fight to keep the religious right from taking over our schools and government and replacing our democracy with a theocracy.

That's just a few of the good groups that have come to the convention. There are many more, and they provide a valuable service, for the conventioneers and the country.


  1. Enjoy your time in the Bayou City.

  2. Thanks BC -
    I had a great time in Houston.


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