Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Planned Parenthood Strikes Back

Evidently Planned Parenthood is tired of the Republicans using them as a punching bag in their war on women, because they've decided to fight back. For only the third time in the organization's history, they have officially endorsed a presidential candidate -- President Obama. They have also made a $1.4 million ad buy, blasting Romney on women's issues.

Mitt Romney has opposed the president's action in making contraception free and easy to access for all women. He has tried to claim that it is a religious issue, even though no religious school or institution will have to pay a penny more for the insurance coverage to provide the contraception to any woman who desires it. This is because it is cheaper for the insurance companies to provide contraception coverage than to pay for a pregnancy, so the insurance coverage will be happily provided by the insurance companies without an extra charge.

The truth is that contraception is more than just a medical issue (or an insurance issue). It is an economic and equal rights issue, and has been one of the biggest boosts to women's rights since women got the right to vote. It frees women to pursue their life goals, whether that is a career or some other endeavor (and plan when they wish to have a child, if ever).

And Planned Parenthood is doing one other thing. They are sending a woman dressed as a package of birth control pills (see picture above) to shadow Romney as he campaigns across the country.  They have given her the name "Pillamina".This is to remind women of Romney's opposition to providing all women free and easy access to contraception. It's a humorous way to remind voters of a serious issue.

I'm sure many right-wingers will be upset by the actions of Planned Parenthood. But we must remember that Willard Mitt Romney has said if elected president, he would like to "get rid of" the organization. Planned Parenthood is not only acting on behalf of women's rights, they are also defending themselves -- something they have every right to do.

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