Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wages Dropped Again Last Year

Another graph to show you that worker wages are still not in good shape. In fact, the median income for men went down by 2.5% in 2011, to about $48,202. And it wasn't any better for women, whose median income also dropped by 2.5% in 2011, to about $38,118. And the wage gap between men and women didn't close any in the last year (or actually in any year since about 2000). Women still make about 77% of what men make for the same work.

But have no fear. Willard Mitt Romney (aka Wall Street Willie) wants to give a tax cut -- to the rich. Anyone making the median income will get to pay for Willard's tax cut by seeing their taxes go up by about $2000. Makes you want to run right out and vote Republican, doesn't it?


  1. That is a massive non sequiter. What does tax cuts for the rich have to do with declining wages for the middle class? And the fact that wages are declining under a Democratic administration certainly doesn't make me want to vote Democratic.

    I know you tried for a tie-in with the $2000 tax increase for middle class, but wages and taxes are two separate subjects. A more pertinent question would be to ask what is either party doing which would lead to reversing the trend and causing wages to rise? Democrats don't have a good answer for that question, so we play the diversion game by changing the subject to taxes.

    Democrats have a good answer for that, we are now the party of tax cuts, accusing Republicans of being the party of wild spending and tax increases. That is a 180 degree turn from the historical roles of the parties, and proves that actual principles are irrelevant; that parties will adopt whatever tactics appeal to the sentiment of the moment and which present them with the most likely road to victory.

  2. I never tried for a tie-in at all. It is the Republicans who want to tie wages to tax cuts -- which of course is ridiculous.


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