Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I'm Flattered (But Doubtful)

42. Frances Martel, Mediaite
43. Tom Curry, NBC
44. Terry Canaan, Griper News
45. Ted McLaughlin, Jobsanger
46. Greg Sargent, The Washington Post
47. Miguel A. Corona
48. Jorge Rivas, Colorlines
49. Gregory Siskind, Visilaw International
50. Gabriella Schwarz, CNN

The list above is of the final nine names on a Forbes list of the "Top Online Political Influencers". The list was put together by Forbes contributor Giovanni Rodriguez. Note the number 45 influencer on this list. Yes, that is yours truly. I have to admit I am flattered to be on it at all. Heck, I'm flattered that someone at Forbes even knows that this blog exists. Here's what Mr. Rodriguez said about how he arrived at the names on this list:

First, a bit more information about the people we are tracking. We’ve set up individual “monitor lists” of the top influencers in four categories that we expect will matter to voters this election: jobs and the economy, education, healthcare, and immigration reform (a nod to the Hispanic vote which many are thinking could swing the election, though studies show that Hispanic voter priorities are more aligned around the first three categories). While no list-making algorithm is perfect, we like the depth and complexity of Traackr’s metrics. Traackr’s PeopleSearch engine scours the content of the social web in order to identify the most influential people in any topic, niche or conversation. It identifies and ranks influencers based on the size of their audience, their level of engagement, and, most important, their relevance to the topic in question.  For this project, Traackr helped us identify the keywords defining the most important, hot button topics affecting the election and pulled the top influencers within those conversations.  The keywords will adjust over time, and so will the influencers.


  1. Ahead of Greg Sargent! You are the MAN.

    When are you moving to Washington?

  2. Yours is the first blog I read every morning. The reason may be as simple as it is the first loaded in my favorites, although I doubt that is the real reason. I was reared in the Panhandle, did the college thing on the South Plains and escaped the wind the week after graduation to the land of milk and honey (to me, at the time, anywhere but Texas). For some inexplicable reason, I long for news of Texas with a progressive voice. You are it. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you both. Your encouragement means a lot to me.

    P.S. -- I think I'll be staying here in "the wind".


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