Monday, November 19, 2012


Posting is rather light for today because I had to spend most of the day trying to get some serious bathroom plumbing problems fixed. Believe me, that was no fun at all. Hope to get back to regular posting tomorrow.



  1. I hate plumbing. I willingly pay a plumber to do it and do not complain about what they charge.

  2. As you wrestle with your stopcock, or whatever, no doubt, given your interest in fair elections, you will be trying to work this one out:

    "Preliminary totals showed 900 voters cast ballots in Precinct 93, where only seven voters are registered"

    That, of course, is in Florida where the Dem won by a whisker, the recount was slowed down in order to miss the deadline and the official in charge of election booked himself intohospital.

    You're right, they really do do thing differently 'over there'!

  3. I find it very appropriate that you would want to discuss Allen West in a post about bathroom plumbing problems, but I do think he was flushed fairly by the voters in Florida. It's my understanding that precinct 93 is a new precinct. Why would a new precinct (in a Republican state) be created with only seven voters? I simply don't believe it. And I don't believe either party could get away with allowing 893 unregistered voters to vote in a precinct with only 7 registered voters.


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