Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Democrats Have Positive View Of 2013 But Republicans Are Pessimistic

This is an interesting graphic. It comes from a new ABC News/Washington Post Poll, and it shows that Democrats and Republicans have widely divergent views of what the new year holds -- both for themselves as individuals and for the world in general.

I guess this shouldn't be any surprise, since we are only a couple of months past an election where the Democrats scored a great victory while the Republicans got spanked. But I think it goes a bit further than that. The Republicans are facing the prospect of their mean-spirited agenda being stopped in its tracks. But the Democrats see the prospect of many things they passionately believe in being forwarded in the new year -- things like equal rights becoming more of a reality, and the poor and elderly being protected from cuts to programs they depend on, and the tax burden being shared just a little bit more fairly.

I also think that Democrats are a bit more optimistic naturally -- not being afraid of change and progress. While the Republicans tend to view all change in pessimistic terms -- with change being for them, something to be feared. And we live in a time of radical change, both in the United States and in the world at large.

Personally, I have an optimistic view of the coming year. I think we have a real chance to make this a better nation for all of us in 2013 -- as long as we are all willing to work hard and do our part.

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  1. I am a Democrat (Progressive) and I am somewhat pessimistic. I think the stories of the demise of the Right is premature. They are taking over state governments - just look at Michigan and Wisc. - and passing RTW laws and redistricting. They would like to change the electoral college to reflect the # of congressional seats which would give votes to not the popular vote but the gerrymandered vote. They are like one of those sneaky football teams that comes back in the 4th quarter to take the game you thought your team had in the bag.


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